Nordic Green to Scale project - progress not necessarily expensive

"To keep global warming well below 2°C, countries need to both meet their existing emission targets and go beyond them. The Nordic Green to Scale project helps in choosing the concrete low-carbon solutions to do so".
Nordic countries
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The Nordic Green to Scale study presents 15 successful Nordic climate solutions that have proven their potential in achieving emissions savings and can be scaled up internationally. The project was carried out by Sitra, the Finnish Innovation Fund (Finland), together with its partners Concito (Denmark), Institute of Sustainability Studies at the University of Iceland (Iceland) and Stockholm Environment Institute SEI (Sweden). The technical analysis was produced by CICERO (Norway), and the project has enjoyed funding support from the Climate and Air Pollution Group of the Nordic Council of Ministers.

According to the authors, scaling up just 15 Nordic solutions can cut global emissions by 4 gigatonnes in 2030. The list of solutions include:


  1. Combined heat and power production
  2. Onshore wind power
  3. Offshore wind power
  4. Geothermal power 


  1. Carbon capture and storage in oil and gas production
  2. Reducing methane in oil and gas production
  3. Low-carbon energy in industry


  1. Electric vehicles
  2. Biofuels in transport
  3. Cycling in cities

Buildings and Households

  1. Energy efficiency in buildings
  2. Residential heat pumps
  3. Bioenergy for heating
  4. Agriculture and Forests
  5. Reforestation and land restoration
  6. Manure management


The net cost of implementing all 15 solutions is estimated to be $13 billion in 2030. This equals the amount that countries globally spend on fossil fuel subsidies in just nine days.

You can read more about the project here

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