New Russian foreign policy concept

"On 30 November 2016, President Vladimir Putin signed a new Russian Foreign Policy Concept. In the document, Russia states its aspirations to pursue an active policy in the field of international security (especially in the Middle East). One of its instruments will be seeking opportunities for cooperation with the administration of the new president of the United States. Relations with the EU will be reduced to economic cooperation, while more focus will be placed on developing political and economic relations with Asian countries".
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As it was stated in the Bulletin PISM no 1 (941) 3 January 2017 - The Russian Federation’s New Foreign Policy Concept by Anna Maria Dyner, "one of the main aims of Russian foreign policy is to establish Moscow as one of the most important centres of international politics. That is why further strengthening Russian military capabilities and increasing engagement in existing regional conflicts should be expected. Simultaneously, Russia will seek the possibility of agreement, especially in security field, with the administration of the new president of the United States.

The Russian authorities will continue to use foreign policy as an important tool to create in Russian society the image of the state as an international power".

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